5 Reasons to Hire Social Security Disability Lawyers in Ft. Pierce FL

If a person is unable to work due to a disability, SSD (Social Security disability) benefits can provide the support and financial help that is needed. The SSA offers help to individuals who meet their definition of disability, and the claims process submission requires the submission of employment records, medical reports, and other info. Below are several reasons for claimants to hire Social Security Disability Lawyers in Ft. Pierce FL.

Most Claims are Denied the First Time

According to the SSA, over half of all disability claims are denied the first time around. Roughly three percent of claimants received benefits after reconsideration, and 13% obtained benefits after the appeals phase. An SSD attorney can help a client increase his or her chances of approval by ensuring that the application is filled accurately and submitted correctly.

Some Applications are Denied on Technicalities

As of 2010, 31% of SSD applications were denied for reasons irrelevant to the applicant’s medical condition or disability. These technical denials occur before the case’s medical facts are considered, but hiring an attorney can help a claimant avoid a denial based on bureaucratic technicalities.

Lawyers Know the Way to Go

Most jobs are easier for those who have a knowledge of the task at hand. Social Security disability lawyers deal with the application and appeals processes every day, and they have working relationships with the judges who conduct appeals hearings. There is a lot to do to ensure the success of a disability claim, and a lawyer can help a client ensure it all gets done on time.

They’re Effective

In a September 2012 report, the Social Security Advisory Board said that hiring an attorney could potentially expedite the determination process while ensuring that the claimant receives an informed decision. The report noted that representatives should have a deep knowledge of the SSA’s policies and work well with agency employees and claimants. Social Security Disability Lawyers in Ft. Pierce FL fulfill5 Reason these criteria and much more.

Lawyers Work on Contingency

Like most lawyers, Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille works on the basis of contingency fees. The firm’s legal fees are dependent upon the case’s success. Clients pay nothing upfront, and they will not pay any fees until the firm is successful.

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