Plumbers in Anacortes, WA Know When It’s Time to Replace An Aging Water Heater

It’s always disconcerting to turn on a hot water faucet and be met with a steady flow of cold water. That’s a sure sign there’s something wrong with the water heater, and a call to Plumbers in Anacortes WA will certainly be worth considering. While there are times when a water heater problem will turn out to be minor, it’s also possible the costs of repair will make it more practical to replace an aging unit. A plumber can help you make that decision and explain your options.

First, Diagnose the Problem

Before simply replacing a water heater, it’s important to determine what’s causing the malfunction. Plumbers in Anacortes WA take the time to inspect a water heater and determine the root cause of the issue. Once the problem is discovered, it’s relatively easy to estimate the cost of a repair, which then makes it possible for a property owner to determine whether repairs make sense.

When Repair Costs Are Too High

If the cost of repairs is excessive, the plumber will typically suggest replacing the unit. The next issue is determining which type of water heater should be installed. In the past, the decision was pretty straightforward. As a rule, most homeowners had one option – a tank-type water heater. While the size and fuel source could change, the basic design didn’t. Water entered a tank, was heated, and then used only when needed. That meant energy was used to keep that water hot all the time.

Now, homeowners have other options. It pays to take a little time to discuss tankless and hybrid water heaters with the plumber before making a replacement decision. Replacing a standard, tank-type unit with a newer version of the same thing is certainly possible, but many property owners are discovering the advantages of the newer choices.

Today’s Decisions Impact Future Costs

While tankless and hybrid water heaters cost more initially than old-fashioned storage tank systems, they cost considerably less to operate. The plumber will explain how each of the options works and evaluate how each would function in the home. If you’re in immediate need of water heater repair or replacement, contact the experts for help now. If you’re exploring options to update an aging water heater before it fails, go to for more information.

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