Plate Lifting Clamps – Using Them Safely

Quality plate lifting clamps are designed so that the clamp will not slip when you are applying lifting force. In fact, when you are lifting a load, the clamping force is actually increased by the load’s weight.

To use Plate lifting clamps safely, you must lock your clamp closed before you attempt to lift any load. Never lift the load with the lock in the open position. Moreover, make sure to utilize hooks with the latch, and do not use a hook that might release the clamp. Another important procedure to remember is that you need to use the appropriate type of clamp for the appropriate type of load. Plate lifting clamps are sized by capacity and therefore should be used accordingly.Balancing Your Load to Capacity


Make sure you use a satisfactory number of clamps to balance your load. This means that you should not attempt to lift any loads that have not been balanced properly. Use clamps within their rated capacities, and do not overload them. Always inspect your clamps before you begin a lift. Following proper inspection instructions is a must and so is maintenance on your equipment. There are three types of plate clamps designed for overhead lifting. Be sure to use the correct clamp for the job task.

Inspecting the Internal Parts of Your Clamp
It is important to soak your plate lifting clamps overnight in a degreasing solvent to remove all dirt and grease that could prevent proper inspection of the mechanisms. Degreasing solvents should be used in properly ventilated areas. Handle the wet clamp parts while wearing gloves made of material that is chemically resistant to the solvent.

Begin with removing the body pins or bolts and slide out the complete internal mechanism. Once you have done that, check each body pin or bolt for wear and tear or bending due to overloading. Then you should check each spacer, rivet, bolt or internal part for play or wear. After you have inspected them, replace any worn, distorted or defective part.

Remember to always store and handle plate clamps correctly and to inspect the place clamps and accessories before storing them away.

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