Pizza Places In Cary NC Offer Health Benefits

When most people think about pizzas, they usually think of grease, tons of carbs and being unhealthy. While that can certainly be the case when eating commercially, there are some surprising health benefits of dining at pizza places in Cary NC. It has become a typical part of the fast-food scene of fries and hamburgers, but can be healthier than you realize though you may still want to consume it in moderation.


Tomato-based sauces are important for almost all pizzas though some will use a white, or cream, sauce. Tomatoes have a lot of antioxidants in them, which can reduce your risk of some cancers. Studies have shown that consuming pizzas at least once per week will reduce your chances of getting many cancers, including colon, mouth, stomach, esophageal or lung cancer. Because the tomatoes are cooked, the antioxidants are brought out more.

However, there are usually other items in the sauce, including onions, red peppers, and black olives, all of which are part of a healthy diet.

Food Groups

Almost everything you need for a balanced diet can be found on pizzas all over the world. Cheese is a calcium source, the sauce is part of the vegetables, and the dough is part of the bread source. You’ll also get antioxidants from the bread and sauce, making it even healthier.

When you choose to add vegetables to the pie, you’ll get even more health benefits and include more servings of veggies in your diet. Meat is, of course, the protein and adding fruit, such as pineapples, will allow you to sneak in the fruit part of the food group. Whether you consider tomatoes a fruit or vegetable, you’ll still be covered.

What To Get

The problem most people find is the ingredients that are in the pie aren’t as healthy as they could be. Choosing pepperoni and other cured meats will add more calories and fat. Choosing a leaner protein, such as chicken, can be more beneficial.

You may also want to go easy on the extra parmesan cheese or leave it off altogether. Pizza places in Cary NC and elsewhere may also allow you to add extras, such as more sauce, cheese, and meat, or extra drizzles of flavorful sauce. If you must include extras, try to go for more vegetables or fruit options, to make the pie healthier and still taste like it’s a treat.

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