Picking the Right Charity to Support

Charities are on the rise as per Charity Navigator, but they’re often strangely juxtaposed in our minds. On one hand, we see them as truly selfless causes to help the extremely impoverished and disadvantaged have a fighting chance through life. On the other hand, through countless scandals, we’ve grown cynical of many names that are out there for the good press and publicity more than anything else. Picking the right charity, then, is really difficult.

Watch for Endorsements

Celebrity causes are the primary way charities get the necessary PR to promote their cause. Celebrities can put their star-power to use by associating themselves with effective charities. Through news networks like Good For You Network, you can best identify and find charities that are promoted by famous celebs. It’s a win-win on both sides, and typically, it’s a sign that a charity is effective enough to gain the trust and survive the extreme scrutiny of professional celebrity PR teams.

Keep an Eye on Directories

While endorsements are a great way to nab a shortlist, there are often quality charities out there that don’t get the spotlight through celebrity endorsements. That’s where various charity directories come into play. Use two or three directories at minimum in order to find the best choices for your donation plans.

Schedule Interviews

Donating to charity shouldn’t be an idle way to do some good, even if you plan to donate a small amount. As per Dan Pallotta’s TED Talk, you need to be more proactive about the way you spend your money for the greater good. That means putting in the time to personally speak to each charity’s management or support team and asking them key questions, such as what their short and long-term goals are, what statistics they have for the progress they’ve been making, and the methods they use to measure their metrics.

Have a clear picture of a charity’s competence and idealism before choosing to back it, and you’ll be able to make a much more informed choice.

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