A Brief History Of Bitzer And The Bitzer AC Compressor

Compressors are sensitive components of any refrigeration and air conditioning system. They are rather a modern invention – a product of the early 20th century. One of the companies behind innovations for this product is the BITZER Group. Their contributions include the Bitzer AC Compressor.

The Foundations of Bitzer

The company dates back to 1934 when Martin Bitzer established a small company to manufacture components initially, valves and pistons for compressors. The company grew under his leadership, expanding across Europe and overseas to North America. By 1959, employees numbered 206. At this time, a change in leadership took place. Ulrich Schaufler, an engineer, managed the company from 1961 until his death in 1979.

At this point, the company was placed under the mre than capable and ambitious hands of his son Peter Schaufler. Employee and revenue had increased, but this was a minor accomplishment, compared to the growth of the company under Peter Schaufler. Until his death, Bitzer continued to grow and innovate. It took on an international focus. The company established a presence on all five continents. Bitzer also increased its relationship/partnership with a variety of companies while taking over others. The list includes:

* Lodam Electronics (2007): Denmark-based control solutions

* Lumikko (2011): Finnish company transport cooling division. Prior to 2011, Bitzer had formed a close working relationship with this company

* Armaturenwerk Altenburg GmbH (2013): Manufacturers of fittings for air conditioning and refrigeration systems

All occurred under the watchful eye of CEO and owner Peter Schaufler. On his death in 2015, the company listed approximately 3,400 employees around the globe in more than 90 countries.

Product Innovations

Under Peter Schaufler, the company launched a variety of innovative products. These included the following types of Bitzer AC Compressor:

1. The screw compressor in 1983

2. The scroll compressors in 2002

At the same time, Bitzer has been in the forefront of the industry in initiating a green or environmentally friendly policy. All its subsidiaries are required to conserve their resources.

Bitzer AC Compressors Today

Today, the company continues to manufacture various components to serve the refrigeration and air conditioning industries. Their focus on compressors results in the production of four specific types. These are:

1. Reciprocating compressors

2. Screw compressors

3. Scroll compressors

4. Pressure vessels

Bitzer is a current leading manufacturer in the field of compressors for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. The company may have evolved from its modest beginning into a dynamic international corporation, but it nevertheless retains the values of innovation and forward thinking that make a Bitzer AC compressor a product that moves with the times.

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