Physical Therapy After Knee Surgery for Missoula Mt Patients

Are you a recent patient of knee replacement or arthroscopic surgery to repair an ACL or torn meniscus? You may have received a referral to see a physical therapist to begin recovery. It’s important to keep your appointment for physical therapy after knee surgery. Missoula MT residents can gain great benefits from the services provided by physical therapists for the repair of their muscles and joints. Physical therapy can help you over time return to a more active lifestyle.

In the wake of knee surgery, the muscles on the front portion of the thigh can lose strength, in part due to swelling that occurs around and on the knee joint area.

Physical Therapy Benefits for Your Knee

Assist circulation and prevent blood clots
Recover normal range of motion
Lessen the growth of scar tissue
Reduce pain and swelling

Surgery is only part of the battle towards regaining function and mobility in your knee. A doctor can diagnose the problem and perform the procedure to repair your injury. However, physical therapy after knee surgery is what a physical therapist can provide to help you increase function and natural feeling in the knee.

Elements of Post-Surgery Rehab

Post-surgery rehabilitation can involve various actions activities, including exercises, stretches, cold and hot therapy, and massage therapy. A physical therapist can create an exercise program tailored to your needs that can improve your strength and mobility over time. Initial exercises may involve basic walking and heel raises, and gradually increase to riding on a stationary bike, swimming, or performing certain balancing exercises.

Early physical therapy after knee surgery may also involve practicing navigating a curb or climbing stairs. The patient may use crutches while wearing a brace to help protect the knee as it heals. Any type of exercise, including walking up or down stairs is something to be done carefully, with gradual increases in range of motion over time as strength and mobility increases.

Regardless of the exact regimen provided by your physical therapist or physical therapy team, with a plan tailored to your specific needs, you can expect to regain function and range of motion at a steady pace until you reach full recovery.

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