People in Everett Use These Two Clues to Know When to Replace Their Gutter

Having a good, functioning gutter is essential to having a good, functioning house. The gutter is a type of protection for your home from water damage. If your gutter isn’t functioning properly, it could end up costing you big bucks in the long run. Here are two clues that you need to get your gutter replaced.

1. Water Problems

The whole point of a gutter is to get rid of rainwater, so it doesn’t damage your roof or your home’s foundation. One water problem is standing water in the gutter. This could be due to some type of blockage. Overflowing gutters is another issue. This could mean it’s installed improperly. If you can’t find the problem or can’t fix it, it’s time to find a service for gutter replacement in Everett.

2. Physical Damage

Physical damage could show up in the form of cracks or gaps on your gutter. This can cause water to leak which, over time, can cause damage to your home. Your house could suffer foundation damage, peeling paint, mold issues, or a whole host of other moisture-related issues from constant dripping. If there are gaps in your gutter, you may only need to replace a small section. However, if the integrity of your gutter is compromised, it’s time for a gutter replacement in Everett.


Don’t wait until gutter problems cause bigger problems that end up being expensive. Pay attention to any gutter damage, especially the two clues we’ve given above. It’s better to replace the gutter than to replace the roof or the foundation.

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