Air Conditioning Cleaning Service in Bellingham, Washington

Any air conditioner needs to be maintained by regular cleaning of its ducts, fans, compressors and vents. Dust, weathering, moisture and heat are hard on any equipment, especially those that sit outdoors. An HVAC or an air conditioning system has a section that has to stay outside because of the nature of how they work.

These parts that are exposed to the elements need to be looked at and cleaned.

We at Smith Mechanical are a company that does air conditioner cleaning in Bellingham, WA. And we also happen to be offering commercial refrigeration services as well.

We do heating and cooling services that are the function of heaters, air conditioners and HVAC systems in homes and offices. Our services also include water heaters and refrigeration needs in Bellingham, Mount Vernon, Arlington and the surrounding areas.

In fact, we’ve been in the area since we started in 1990, providing heating and cooling solutions through the years in our community. Our solutions include work with ductless and ducted heat pumps, furnace systems, boiler systems, commercial ice machines and ventilation equipment aside from commercial refrigeration and coolers and home and office cooling.

And if you were to need emergency services because problems happen when you least expect them, we’re ready with our 24/7 emergency service throughout the year.

So, when you need air conditioner cleaning in Bellingham, WA or even commercial refrigeration services for your temperature-sensitive stocks whether in a warehouse or a restaurant, give us a call at 360-384-3203. We’d be very happy to help you.

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