Paying Tribute to Pet Monuments in CT

What better way to memorialize a beloved pet than utilizing a monument from Shelley Brothers Monuments CT. Custom designs allow one to remember a beloved companion. The granite headstones can be customized with specific wording along with a photo. Whether a headstone, marker or pet garden memorial is what is in mind, a variety of options are available.

Pet Monuments in CT allow people to celebrate and honor the life of their pet. If the pet has been cremated or will be buried, a large selection of pet memorial products is offered. This is a perfect way to help provide comfort and closure as well as a lasting tribute to the animal that was loved so much.

Researchers have known for a long time that the animal-human bond is strong. After all, pets have given constant companionship, and there has been a total dependency. Therefore, the grief after the loss of a pet is very strong.

Ways to Memorialize a Pet:

• Have a portrait painted

• Assemble a photo tribute

• Create a written tribute

• Contribute to an animal welfare organization

• Shop for a memorial item

Burial of a Pet

Many people choose to pick a perfect location in their own backyard to bury their beloved pet. This allows them to visit that spot occasionally and think about all the sweet memories. Some may feel this will keep them from moving on, but it is simply deciding on a final resting place for the pet. Most pet owners will likely only face this a few times in a lifetime, so it’s okay to put the effort and thought into the memorial. Consider the area by the fence in the backyard where the pet may have liked to hang out or watch birds.

It is becoming popular to have a small memorial service with those friends and relatives that have a mutual love for pets and understand the grief. This doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it is fitting to do this in a home, backyard, or even a park. It’s even okay to share some memories at the memorial.

However, you decide to honor your beloved pet, understand it is a very personal decision and it is okay to make it exactly as you wish. Keep this in mind when deciding on Pet Monuments in CT.

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