Painting for Angles or a Grid After Parking Lot Sealcoating in Madison WI

Parking lots were unnecessary until large numbers of people began traveling separately to the same destination. Because of TV shows and movies about the pre-car era in the United States, people today are probably familiar with the concept of numerous hitching posts to which people could tie their horses. That could be considered the advent of the modern parking lot, although it was a far cry from today’s asphalt expanses, along with the need for parking lot sealcoating in Madison WI to keep the pavement in excellent condition.

Angles and Grids

Hitching posts were set up in a line, just as many parking lots have spaces so drivers can park in organized lines, known as a grid layout. However, many parking lots have diagonal spaces, also known as angle parking. Why do some commercial property owners choose angled striping?

Pros and Cons of Angles

There are some advantages and one main disadvantage to the angled spacing. Angled lines allow more cars to be parked in the lot because space is used more efficiently. Less turning is required because the driver doesn’t have to turn the vehicle 90 degrees to get into the space. The turn is only about 45 degrees. That makes life easier for people driving pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles. Also, the lane between parking areas can be narrower, saving on space.

On the other hand, a standard-sized lane between the lines of spaces forces drivers to only move in one direction unless the lot is fairly empty. They may find this inconvenient. On occasion, a rebellious driver takes off in the wrong direction and winds up causing a minor traffic jam.

Painting After Sealcoating

If a property owner wants to change from line parking to angled or vice versa, making the change after Parking Lot Sealcoating in Madison WI is ideal. Any other modifications to the paint layout can be done at that time as well. After technicians from a company such as Tri-County Paving Inc. finish the project, the lot will look like new with a rich black color and freshly painted stripes. Schedule an appointment by starting with the website.

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