How Does Leak Detection Work in Long Island?

by | Aug 16, 2017 | Swimming Pool Repair & Service

Leak detection is tricky business. Usually people realize they have a leak when it is too late. Leak detection services should provide people with the information they need to monitor their homes and equipment for leaks so that the leaks do not cause damage. There are different types of leak detection services available on Long Island, including the following.

1. Pool Leak Detection.  There are different methods of leak detection in pools. One is to hire a specialized leak detection service like Atlantic, which has a team of divers who actually go underwater to evaluate the integrity of your pool and to detect the origin of a leak. There are other methods of pool leak detection that do not entail damaging your pool. Depending on the source of the leak, the leak detection and repair process can be painless and less expensive than you think. Some of the signs you might need a leak detection service are obvious, such as water loss in excess of what it should be, cracks, or wet spots.

2. Water Main Leak Detection. The water main is the part of the underground pipe that connects all your indoor plumbing to the municipal supply. Leaks in the water main are actually quite common, and a lot of problems are actually caused by all the nice trees we have on Long Island growing their root systems and breaking the underground pipes. If you are noticing major changes to the topography of your Long Island property including erosion, definitely get your water main checked for leaks.

3. Flat Roof Leak Detection. If you have a home with a flat roof, consider yourself lucky because you can take advantage of state of the art leak detection services like electronic leak detection. Electronic leak detection passes an electrical current through a thin film of water to detect a leak.

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