Overlooked Issues When Replacing Existing Log Mill Equipment

No matter how well-maintained and how carefully operated any type of equipment may be, it will eventually need to be replaced. This is often a point where the cost of repairs, the associated downtime and the lack of efficiency of the equipment makes it cost-prohibitive to continue to use.
Log mill equipment is no different. When this equipment needs to be replaced, it is often a significant investment. Taking the time to consider the options on the market, the technology and time-saving features and the benefits of choosing one brand over another are often overlooked but very important factors.

Reputation of the Manufacturer

It is not uncommon for a log mill operator to replace equipment based on the new machine fitting in a budget. While staying in the budget is always important, buying cheap log mill equipment from an unknown manufacturer is also not a smart choice.

Looking for a reputable, established manufacturer in the industry should be a priority. These companies work closely with lumber yards, timber companies, sawmills, and various operations to ensure their equipment is functional, practical and offers the power, cutting capabilities and feature required.

Options and Features

Most industrial log mill equipment comes with basic features, with the option to customize the system from the manufacturer. For some sawmills and applications, the standard system is more than adequate, while for other customization to allow larger diameter and longer logs may be a critical factor.

Being able to modify the cutting bar, the equipment capacity and even provide automated features for ease of control or operation may be important to consider. Simply knowing what is available and possible in new equipment on the market can help to determine what upgrades and features offer a good return on investment given your requirements.

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