The Importance Of Operator Safety With A Portable Chainsaw Mill

by | May 14, 2019 | Log Cutting Equipment

In all types of lumber processing mills and operations, employee safety should always be an essential consideration. Regular safety training and reviews, as well as the careful maintenance of the equipment, are a critical part of ensuring an accident-free workplace. Selecting top equipment that is highly rated and used across the timber and lumber industry also assists in creating safe working environments.

Choose Equipment for Safety

Not all of the portable chainsaw mills on the market are designed with operator safety in mind. The most reputable manufacturers of industrial and commercial equipment have built-in safety features on all of their equipment.

These safety features include protected areas for the operator to stand, ensuring any debris or larger pieces from the log cannot hit the operator. Positioning the controls for the bar and the hydraulics for intuitive operation also allows the operator to focus on the job at hand and not spend time focusing on the specifics of the controls.

Some of the top systems offer optional remote control features. This adds an additional safety layer as the operator is not directly adjacent to the equipment while it is cutting.

Sufficient Power and Capacity

Using portable chainsaw mills that are designed to handle the logs in the yard or at the location where the timber is being harvested is always critical for safety. One of the most common causes of equipment breakdown is trying to cut logs that are too big for the chainsaw mill.

Operators should be aware of the maximum capacity of portable chainsaw mills, and they should also be trained to avoid trying to process logs that exceed the capacity for the system. Automatic bar oiler systems are also an essential feature that maintains the lubrication needed for the smooth movement of the chain, reducing the risk of breakage or issues with the chain become lodged in the log.

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