Options In Copeland Refrigeration Compressor Models

For commercial cooling and refrigeration needs, Copeland compressors are considered one of the best options in any size of application. The company offers a wide range of different Copeland refrigeration compressor models and styles, allowing for size, capacity and cooling considerations to all be taken into considerations.

This is also a company with a long history of top compressor models. They are known for their focus on energy efficiency as well as quiet and vibration-free operation.

Scroll Compressors

Some of the most popular options in refrigeration compressors are the scroll style of compressors. These operate with one fixed and one moving scroll the compresses and pushes the refrigerant through the system.

The various Copeland scroll styles of compressors are compact in size, provide ideal compression for all types of industrial cooling systems, including in walk-in refrigeration units, supermarkets and for all types of industrial applications where exact temperature control is critical for production and storage of products and materials.

These new compressors are also available with digital technology. This allows the maximum control over the system, providing exceptional temperature control and lower energy consumption based on the specific settings selected.

Screw Compressors

The Copeland refrigeration compressor that is a screw compressor works by positive displacement. The two rotors, or the screws, move in opposite directions to move the air entering the compressor from one end to the other. As these rotors are carefully designed to fit with each other’s movement, the air literally is trapped and moved from the low to high pressure.

These are ideal for large air conditioning and refrigeration needs when a constant supply of cool or cold air is required. They are quiet and relatively low cost to operate provided they are properly maintained. They can be designed to be cooled using oil, air or water, with the oil models the least costly to purchase and operate.

Reciprocating Compressors

Copeland also produced reciprocating compressors. These compressors use a piston to push air into a compressed state. There are both single and two stage options available, with the two stage options used for higher pressure needs in specific applications.

With all the possibilities available in the different types of Copeland refrigeration compressor models, you do have options to consider. Newer models and designs offer additional features that were not available when older refrigeration systems were first installed. By choosing remanufactured rather than a new model you can often upgrade in size, capacity and efficiency in a replacement compressor while still staying within your budget.

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