Options from a Waterproofing Contractor in Boston MA

An experienced waterproofing contractor in Boston MA will be able to assess the basement or foundation and provide a few options to resolve the problem. Solutions depend on the extent of the damage, the frequency of leaking or flooding, and the current condition of the foundation. Excess moisture, for example, may be eliminated with a moisture control system.


If the problem is minor leaking, the options can include crack injections or foundation wrapping to prevent further damage. Cracks can be filled in with a waterproof epoxy that expands as it dries. The process is simple and cost-effective when cracks are small. Waiting until cracks get bigger is ill-advised because repairs become more complicated and costly.

Foundation wrapping entails enclosing the foundation to prevent moisture and water from creating more cracks. This is effective when the ground has a high water content, buildings are near the coast, or the concrete is old. The process is more involved than filling cracks, but is a permanent solution.


Many buildings will flood during heavy rains or when massive amounts of snow melts. Bursting pipes will also flood an area but that is a rare and unpredictable occasion. Sump pump installation can prevent basement flooding in any situation. A pump is installed into the ground in the basement at a specific level. When the water reaches the pump, it is activated and pushes water out through the other end of the pump and into the ground.

Exterior water control is available in two options. Containers or walls with membranes are placed in the ground next to the foundation. Water is directed inside and is disseminated slowly away from the building. A French drainage system is also placed outside the building. Piping is placed in a trench and covered back up with soil. Water flows through the pipes and is directed elsewhere.

Selecting the Right Professional

Home, business, and industrial facility owners will be wise to compare companies. A Waterproofing Contractor in Boston MA will typically offer warranties on the work completed. Ask about warranty lengths because they differ greatly. Make sure technicians are certified and compare the free estimates given. Owners can browse our website to begin their search for a contractor.

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