Choosing The Right Ethernet Wiring St Charles MO

Ethernet Wiring St Charles MO is the primary means of connecting computers to routers and modems. An Ethernet cable controls and directs the data flow between the network and the computer. This means that choosing the right Ethernet cable is necessary to effectively use the network.


Ethernet cables are available in different colors. They usually come in green, red, yellow, blue, gray, and white. Many people wrongly believe that the different coloring means that these leads have different functions. The different coloring of Ethernet cables makes for easier identification.

Detection of Faults

It is typical for an office network to have numerous connections and it may be difficult to identify where a particular cable is connected to. Colored Ethernet cables make identification possible and make it easier to trace a cable’s location and identify any faults or installation issues.

Types of Cables

Ethernet wiring is divided into the following four categories based on their differing speeds and bandwidth.


This cable supports connection speeds of up to 10Mbps and has a 16MHz bandwidth. However, this category of cables are outdated and only used in old equipment.


This cable supports connection speeds of up to 10 to100Mbps and has a 50MHz bandwidth. Although it is an enhanced version of the Cat3 cable, the advent of new technology has made it redundant.


This category of cables is a superior version of the Cat5 cables and can be found in many homes. It supports speeds of up to 1000 Mbps and has a 100 MHz bandwidth.


This was developed with futuristic considerations in mind. It was designed to support future advancements in technology and therefore delivers speeds of approximately 10Gbps and has a 250 MHz bandwidth.

The Right Kind of Ethernet Cable

The optimal choice for home users is the Cat5E cable. It is backward compatible and offers speeds ranging from 10 to 1000 Mbps. They are relatively cheap and are very easy to install.

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