Opportunities For EB-5 Visa Investment

EB-5 Visa Investment Opportunities provide the fastest route towards getting a green card for an Indian. The process is pretty straightforward. The Indian investor invests up to 5-10 US dollars in an industry which creates jobs for American workers and, in return, gets a green card for himself and his family.

The objective of this program is two-fold; firstly, the American government seeks to bring in foreign capital into the country and secondly, the government seeks to increase jobs for American workers.

The benefits an investor is provided in this scheme includes:

a. The investor, along with their spouse and children below the age of 21, are awarded permanent residency in the United States.

b. This permanent residency comes with the freedom to the investor and his family to reside, take up a job and retire anywhere in the United States.

c. Any college or university being attended by the investor, their spouse and/or children would consider the fee being applied on a US resident.

d. Even if the offer for permanent residency is not taken up, the family of the investor can travel to and from the United States without a visa.

e. Apart from the above, the investor gets all the other benefits which come with the permanent residency in United States including the freedom to run his own business, practice any profession etc.

f. After 5 years of taking up permanent residency, the investor and his immediate family become eligible for a citizenship of the United States.

g. As a citizen of the United States and a green card holder, the investor also gets the right to nominate or sponsor other family members for a green card.

In order to know more about the EB-5 scheme and for assistance in getting started, visit Golden Opportunity Regional Centre. It is a USCIS approved regional center.

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