Duct Cleaning: The Basics

If you have a furnace, an AC or HVAC system, you have ducts. They are there, usually unseen and forgotten performing a very important service. Yet, in spite of all those calls from “pesky” air duct cleaning companies, people tend to ignore their existence. Yet, if they continue to do so, they are putting their systems and even health potentially at risk.

Several Reasons for Duct Cleaning

While the experts may argue about whether duct cleaning actually has an effect on the indoor air quality, this service does become essential under specific circumstances or situations. Among them are the following:

 * Mold Growth: Sometimes, moisture gets into the air ducts. If this occurs, mold can make a home inside. The result is the potential for it to spread its spores and cause breathing issues for many individuals

 * Vermin Infestation: The potential exists for a variety of unsavory and unwanted rodents and other creatures to make their home inside an air duct. The main culprits are insects, mice and rats

 * Clogged Air Ducts: If the airflow in your home is disrupted or particularly weak, it may indicate a blockage. This could be partial or even complete. It is not uncommon for such to occur in new-built homes. These homes may have a buildup of sawdust and other construction debris in their ducts. A similar situation can occur when residences or commercial buildings undergo an intensive renovation. In such cases air duct cleaning becomes a necessity not an option

All the above are indicators you need to consider hiring a company to clean the air ducts of your home or residence. They are not the only instances. You should clean the ducts when the air filters exhibit dirt or dust build-up, or you spot issues such as rust (often indicating moisture leaking into the system from somewhere). Some of these issues may occur suddenly and unexpectedly; others will turn up when you conduct the annual inspection or have someone in for maintenance work.

Air Duct Cleaning

At such a time, you need to consider hiring a professional to clean the entire system. Make sure, you only employ a credible and professional duct cleaning service. To find out who qualifies, you will have to do some thorough research. Do not sign with the first individual who phones you. Do not hire someone who has no credentials, certification and other evidence of it being a reputable business. Making sure your ductwork is clean may not seem like it requires a professional, but it does. You need an air duct cleaning company that knows exactly what they are doing so you will receive the benefits of their experience and your ducts will be as clean as a whistle.

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