Office Moving Companies in New Orleans – Some Basic Services They Provide

The time often comes in the life of certain types of businesses that they discover the need to relocate to a new location. The reasons may vary, including the necessity to obtain a greater marketplace for their goods or services or just the need to expand to a larger space to accommodate employees or service operations. If this describes the current state of your business then you may need to look into the help offered by reliable office moving companies. New Orleans is served by office movers that have the resources and skilled personnel to move your office with the necessary speed and efficiency that can minimize your downtime.

Professional moving agencies with expertise in the area of handling commercial relocations can provide you with a full scope of services. They can help ensure you receive a trouble-free and seamless moving experience by providing you with a set of services that expedite an efficient moving process. Some of the services you can expect to receive from reliable office movers include, but are not necessarily limited to the following list:

* On-site project management
* Single point of contact
* Office moving
* Pre-move planning and budgeting
* Facility protection
* Floor plan design
* Furniture installation and reconfiguration
* Computer, electronics and equipment moving
* Fixtures installation
* Files and records moving
* Valuation coverage
* Modular furniture build-out and tear down
* Electronic equipment disconnect and reconnect
* Asset auctions
* Asset management
* Warehousing
* Post-move cleaning services
* Disaster recovery and restoration

Furniture and Heavy Equipment Moving

To be sure, reliable and experience office moving companies know how to relocate heaving furniture and equipment swiftly and efficiently. They also know how to perform these tasks and protect your heavy items from damage at the same time. This is a valuable service included in the list above and something you may be hard pressed to perform well on your own with your employees.

Protecting and Relocating Fragile and Sensitive Items

Moving offices also involves disconnecting and reconnecting sensitive electronic equipment at times. As mentioned in the above list, this is a service that is provided by many office movers and it requires the right knowledge to be performed properly.

If you have an upcoming office move on the horizon, you may want to look into the expert services offered by office moving companies catering to the New Orleans area.

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