Not All Industrial Refrigeration Services are the Same

If your company relies on large-scale chillers, freezers, or cooling systems, you have special needs. In fact, you can’t afford downtime, and it’s important to hire the best industrial refrigeration services possible. Here are some helpful tips for finding the right company for your business.


If you’re running ammonia refrigeration systems, it’s a good idea to use companies specializing in anhydrous ammonia systems. Ammonia specialists understand the needs of your refrigeration system, and they offer process hazard analysis services. These services are very important to make sure your company complies with all the safety rules and regulations on ammonia systems. They also offer five-year process hazard analysis revalidations.

Mechanical Integrity Inspections

When you have industrial refrigeration services specializing in ammonia systems, they can provide you with mechanical integrity inspections. This ensures your system is in good condition. These services include leak detector test equipment checks and compressor inspections. They’ll also do a stress analysis on your piping systems.

Equipment Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting an industrial ammonia system takes special skills and equipment. The best industrial refrigeration services have trained technicians with years of experience on the job. It won’t take them long to discover what the problem is and they will recommend the best possible solutions.

Contractor Work

Do you have a special project in mind? If you want to install a new refrigeration system, the top industrial refrigeration services are there with expert contractor service.


Maybe you’re not sure what kind of chilling system to use for your new or updated facility. The best refrigeration professionals offer engineering and designing services. They can design the perfect system for your needs. For example, they give you the most cost-effective system designed to have the least amount of maintenance and care. Efficiency and safety are their top two objectives.

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