The Big Picture On Connecting Rod Balancing Systems

For any type of automotive shop offering customized builds through to use in automotive companies and in contract manufacturing facilities, having the right equipment for the job is always an important consideration.

This is true for everything, but it is particularly important when measurements have to be exact to provide precision crafted parts and components. For engine plants and manufacturers, having a reliable connecting rod balancing system for the weighing and balancing of connecting rods for all types of vehicles will be essential.

Why Cheap is Problematic

There are some low-cost options in these systems. Many are imported from other countries and may not be American brands. However, it is important to realize that the reason these scales are so low in price is the quality of the parts and components. Cutting corners on electronics as well as on the quality of individual components will reduce the price, but it also reduces accuracy, life cycle as well as the ability to provide many of the functions technicians will need.

Most of the lower priced connecting rod balancing systems doesn’t have features such as an automatic re-zero, that resets the scale after every use. They also don’t have the pushbutton calibration option, which allows for easy configuration of the scale at any time.

Conversely, the top options in connecting rod balancing scales will have all of these functions and features, and also offer customized cradles that can be designed to specifically meet the needs of your company for pin and crank end weighing.

Advanced Electronics and Display

With the latest in systems, companies can take advantage of superior readability and reporting through the system. The best options for any use will include the dual readout of both the weight on the pin and crank end simultaneously and separately, allowing immediate confirmation of balance.

These are typically designed to report the deviation on either end from the desired ideal weight. Technicians can easily see if the connecting rod is in balance given the reading provided.

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