Need More Space? Rent a Storage Locker

Families can easily outgrow their home. As toddlers become teens, they require a lot of space for sports equipment and clothing. Lawnmowers and other yard equipment are large and can quickly use up garage space. People now decorate their yards for many holidays in addition to Christmas. Once the festivities have ended, it’s necessary to find Storage space for an inflatable Easter Bunny.

If a family can afford to buy a larger home, they can contact a professional moving company for help. A project manager will walk through the home with them to asses how many large pieces, fragile glassware, or smaller items they have to move. The most efficient strategy for the customer is to have professional movers pack and transport all of the items. When they arrive at their destination, the movers unpack all of the items. In no time, the family is settled in their new home.

However, some people prefer to pack up their clothing and other easy-to-pack items to save money. Professional movers are always happy to coordinate with their customers.

Not everyone can afford to move or to move to a larger home. Sometimes families need to downsize. In those cases, they may still not have enough room for their items. A Storage facility is a good solution. Customers can determine which items will move to the new home and which will be stored. As the household is packed up, the boxes will be clearly marked. The movers will take the items to be stored directly to the facility.

The Kuiper Brothers facility is open seven days a week, so that their customers can easily access their items. Lockers range in size from 5 feet by 10 feet to 15 feet by 30 feet. People who just need to store their seasonal clothing will find the smaller size perfectly suited to their needs. They are welcome to treat their locker like their own closet or garage. They can use shelving units to keep items organized and easily accessible. The secure facility is fenced and lighted, so people can feel safe when their visit their locker.

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