More Ways To Use Your 4G Android Tablet

It is hard to believe that just over a decade ago the first tablet was introduced to the market. These were certainly different than the tablets of today, more like a fold-out miniature combination of a modern tablet and a notebook.

The features, apps and options to use for the 4G Android tablet have changed more than the tablets themselves. Today, the processors, the computing technology and the apps offered allow a simple tablet to do just about anything that can be done on a laptop or many desktops, but still be highly portable, lightweight and easy to work with.

There are a few tips and tricks to getting the most out of any 4G Android tablet. Of course, the Android operating system will impact the ability to use some apps, which is why it is important to upgrade the system to have maximum potential.

Choose Apps Wisely

There are a lot of very good apps out there that are designed to increase the productivity of your tablet. One of the most popular is the Office 365 Suite apps. These allow any user to open and work with Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint, all designed specifically for use on an Android tablet.

This is a great option for people that like to do their work away from their desk. It also means work done on the tablet will automatically open and format to your computer or laptop using the same programs.

There are tracking apps, email and organizational apps as well as social media management apps that are also ideal for streamlining your work and prioritizing your day.

Enhancing Power Availability

For long days of use or working away from a place to charge your 4G Android tablet, you can help the system to reduce power use. In the settings or in the device area of the tablet, choose general settings and look for the power saving label under the system options.

Depending on the specific tablet there will be a power saving mode or a battery saver option. By turning this on you will extend the life of the batteries even beyond their already extensive life.

Add a Keyboard

There are some very low cost, virtually indestructible standalone keyboards that can be used with your tablet. These will connect wirelessly to your device, allowing you to type faster on a standard, but a compact, version of a QWERTY keyboard without any wires, cables or direct connection with the tablet.

There are additional options to consider as well. You may want to purchase a protective cover that doubles as a stand, making it easier to see information or to display information to others. When doing a small sales presentation, this is a great option and one that adds a professional touch without having to bring a lot of equipment to the meeting.

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