Add To Your Fleet With New Model Used Box Trucks For Sale In Texas

by | Jun 16, 2016 | Automotive

As the economy slowly begins to show signs of steady improvement, many small companies in Texas are experiencing an increase in orders. This is good news for everyone, but it can put a strain on existing delivery services for customers and clients.

Even for local moving companies, the upswing in the economy is generating more business. Regardless of the type of need you have for a commercial vehicle, this is a great time to take advantage of the used box trucks for sale in the market.

Lower Priced Investment

While a new truck is always a perk for a company, the price of a new vehicle is thousands of dollars more than used box trucks for sale. This price saving can be significant for a small business. With dealerships offering in-house financing that is competitive or better than any bank or lending institution, it is certainly an important consideration.

Same Features

By choosing a low mileage, new model of used box truck you can offer your drivers like-new vehicles. Some of the used trucks on the market have only been driven for a few months, so they have incredibly low mileage. However, because they are used, there is limited depreciation to consider, allowing the dealership to offer a great price for a virtually new truck.

Keep in mind these trucks are not the same as passenger vehicles. Their life cycle is typically in the hundreds of thousands of miles, with most operating well beyond half a million miles with routine maintenance and repairs.

Manufacturers and Models

Shopping for a used box trucks for sale at a dealership also provides you with the option to make a full side-by-side comparison of different manufacturer’s and models within a specific class of truck.

This is essential if adding to an existing fleet by choosing a truck that is larger or smaller than the current vehicles. By having the ability to compare what different brands offer in a price range, it is easier to maximize your capacity to match trucks with load requirement.

Don’t forget, some of the used box trucks may also have racking and storage shelving in the cargo area, or even come with a refrigeration unit. This may be an additional perk to a used vehicle, allowing you to take advantage of the options ordered or added to the truck by a previous owner.

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