Monitoring Water With Electric Sub Meter Installation

The technology behind water meters has really changed over the last few decades. From simple dial reading that required a regular visit from the meter reader on a monthly basis to the use of estimation based on past usage, today’s meters are far more sophisticated as well as accurate.

With the “smart” or electric meters today, regular daily readings are provided using wireless technology. Through different systems this information is provided to the water management service, providing precision information that helps with management, water usage control and even in water conservation efforts.

Getting the Most of the Service

To get the most out of this technology, it will be important to consider electric sub meter installation. This allows each home, unit, complex, office or apartment in a larger facility to have individual meters.

By choosing the right kind of electric sub meter installation, it is also easier for a building owner or manager to monitor which units or metered areas of the building are using the most water over peak usage times and beyond.

Boosting Occupancy

In large buildings, it is common for the landlord or business management service to simply divide the total water bill by all units. This is typically pro-rated based on square footage in the lease and the total of the bill. The other option is a flat rate that is charged for each unit, which is negotiated with each lease renewal.

By using an electric sub meter installation, incentives can be initiated by the businesses to bring down their water costs. This also does away with unfair billing for a business that uses limited if any water compared to a business that is continually using the resource.

The cost of an electric sub meter installation often pays for itself over a short period of time. In fact, in many markets, this is something that new tenants ask about and are looking for before they sign a lease.

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