Get Smooth for Summer

by | Jun 27, 2017 | Beauty Salon and Products

Summer fashion demands lots of smooth, bare skin. Fortunately, Rejeuvine Med Spa’s Laster Hair Removal services at our Santa Fe spa can not only help you achieve your hair-removal goals but also make maintenance a breeze. Many people have misconceptions about laser hair removal, which may be based on the processes that were available when laser hair removal first became available. Today’s hair removal is an easy process that can work for almost any hair and skin type combination, making it simpler to maintain than shaving, waxing, threading, depilatories, bleaching, or other hair removal methods.

How easy is laser hair removal? Easier than you think. Over the course of approximately five visits, spaced two to three weeks apart, hair is targeted with a laser. Most of the hair that is removed does not ever grow back, resulting in an immediate reduction in hair. The results are cumulative so that by the time you have completed all of your visits, you are hair-free in the treatment areas. That means that you could be well-on-your-way to being completely hair-free in your targeted areas by the end of the summer.

Many of our clients worry that the process will hurt or that it will cause skin damage. However, the process is surprisingly pain-free. At Rejeuvine Med Spa in Santa Fe, California, we use an FDA-cleared procedure for laser hair removal. This process creates a gentle warming of the skin, which many people describe as pleasant. There is also minimal post-procedure discomfort. Laser hair removal can also have some positive side effects. It improves the general appearance and condition of the skin, may reduce rosacea or redness, stimulates collagen production for younger-looking skin, reduces erythema, and can even improve the appearance of wrinkles!

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