Monitoring Businesses in San Antonio, Texas Protects Your Investments

Monitoring valuable assets is the purpose of using a construction security camera in San Antonio. The value of equipment on construction sites is astronomical. The value of construction equipment stolen yearly is estimated to be between $300 million and $1 billion.

Services Offered

Whether it is for your construction site or other property, you can depend on the services offered, including:

  • Video Monitoring

  • Installations

  • Remote Access

  • Cloud Storage

  • And more

Rely on trained, licensed staff to observe your property and equipment. As soon as an intruder is discovered, the proper response is triggered, including lights and sirens and local law enforcement. Every event captured on video is saved for a minimum of six months.

Different Sites Monitored

Monitoring is available for any business or site, including:

  • Cellular Towers

  • Equipment and Auto Dealerships

  • And more

State-of-the-art intelligent camera systems watch your property. Events that warrant attention are immediately addressed according to protocol.

Monitoring Solutions

Video monitoring provides a proactive method for protecting property and equipment from theft or vandalism. Customizable services ensure security with surveillance, including:

  • Virtual Guard Tours that can be scheduled at random, predetermined times, or for specific activities

  • Cloud Storage to maintain surveillance history

  • Video Escort Services for the safety of employees and vehicles

  • And more

A video review service to locate specific activities is offered, as well.

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