Modern Carburizing Furnace Applications

Carbon is an important component in the industry today. In fact, it is often added to materials like steel to give steel very desirable properties. During the process, a carburizing furnace may be utilized, and this brings many benefits to the industry today. Here are some of the applications commonly used.


While carburizing, metal is heated in an atmosphere containing a lot of carbon atoms. The heat handles diffusing atoms of carbon into the surface of the metal. It is important for a high amount of heat to be used, but it cannot exceed the melting point of the material being carburized. Carburizing can be achieved by several methods, but one of the most effective methods involves the use of a carburizing furnace. In fact, there are several types of furnaces or ovens used. Four of the most popular types are mono, duo, flex, and jumbo.

Mono Ovens

Mono refers to an oven composed of a single chamber, and is common for high-tech low pressure carburizing. The heating chamber uses an inert gas for the cooling process.

Duo Ovens

A duo carburizing furnace does not contain two separate carburizing chambers. In fact, some of the best furnaces use a heating chamber for carburizing and a separate cell of the furnace is used for quenching or cooling. These cells can use oil or gas for quenching, both hot and cold.

Flex Ovens

The flex oven uses multiple chambers in a modular design. This is one of the most innovative and effective methods used today. Here are some of the features:

* Cold or hot oil quenching cells

* Can use reversible dual steam for heating and quenching, or only gas

* Other cells can be used for tempering at very high temperatures

* With multiple chambers, it gives you the chance to mix treatment recipes and keep a continuous workflow in your operation. You can utilize as many as ten heating cells for your processes. Plus, adding extra treatment cells is a very easy and cost-effective way to increase production with minimal downtime.


The Jumbo style carburizing furnace offers the benefits of the multi-chamber flex oven but also provides a central shuttle. This delivers more options than flex ovens. For example, maintenance access can be front or rear during the production process. Plus, up to twelve cells may be used in one row.

Some carburizing furnaces can also be used for a process called carbonitriding. During this process, carbon and nitrogen are added to metals. This can increase the positive effects of carburized metals.

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