Mistakes To Avoid With Trademark Registration In Dubai

In the UAE, and specifically in Dubai free zones, there is an increasing push for foreign-owned businesses to set up quickly and begin to do business, taking full advantage of the tax-free benefits.

For many foreign business owners, particularly those not partnering with a Dubai national in an onshore company arrangement, negotiation the steps of trademark registration in Dubai can be an obstacle that may seem difficult to overcome. By working with the STA Law Firm, our trained trademark lawyers can work with your business, negotiating the steps in the process and ensuring a streamlined and quick application and approval process.

To help our clients and those thinking for trademark registration in Dubai, here are some of the most common mistakes made by those from outside of the country. Keep in mind in Dubai a trademark can include any type of distinctive form including voices, markings, titles, seals, images, pictures, logos, drawings or even signatures as well as words.

Using Names Incorrectly

Businesses in Dubai that use the name of a person in the title for the trademark of a company have to be careful how the name is used. If the name is of a third party, the applicant must have permission from the individual or his or her heirs to use the name, emblem or a photograph or image.
Additionally, if the name is to include a title, such as Doctor or other titles of a profession or honor, the individual has to prove he or she has obtained that professional or honorary title.

Religious Considerations

There are several ways that religious symbols, terms or images can result in the denial of a trademark application. It is essential that all trademarks do not upset the public order or that violate any moral issues. Additionally, any marks that are meant to imply a religious symbol or that are similar to a religious symbol cannot be used.

There are several other issues that can be problematic when registering a trademark in Dubai. To avoid these issues, call our lawyers at +971 50 27 28 29 1 for expert help today.

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