Lemon Laws: Making Your Life Easier

Every state in America has car Lemon Laws in effect. While they may differ from state to state, the basic tenet is the same and that is to protect you as a consumer. For those of you who do not know what a “lemon” is, it is a car which is new or leased which is defective in a way that decreases its market value or safety effectiveness while it is still under warranty. Nobody finds it amusing to have to take their vehicle to the shop repeatedly only to never have the issue resolved.

The Next Step

Dependent upon what the Lemon Law requirements are for your state regarding the amount of time and the number of repair attempts you must allow the manufacturer, you will have to be sure to meet those requirements. One of the most obvious issues with a “lemon” is that they are unrepairable. Once you have reached that step, either you or your attorney must notify the manufacturer before the warranty period expires or any other timeframe as your state’s law requires of the issue or issues you have with the car.

The Manufacturer

You might find that many automobile manufacturers are hesitant in dealing with a lemon claim. One of the ways you can deal with your claim is by entering arbitration with your vehicle’s manufacturer. You can do this without representation, but they will have at least one attorney protecting their interests. It is far better for you to have a Lemon Law attorney representing you during arbitration and in settlement negotiations. Before you even consider taking on any of the large automobile manufacturers, have all your documentation in order and be sure that you have met every guideline is set forth by law. The one way you can be certain that you are conforming to the Lemon Law is to have Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® represent you at every step.

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