Missing Teeth, Snoring? Visit the Oral Surgeon in Short Hills NJ

An oral surgeon can correct a myriad of facial ailments that include removing impacted wisdom teeth, repairing damage to the bones of the face, while assisting a patient with a holistic approach to dental care. Having a dentist who is easy to talk to and who understands the concerns of each patient is extremely welcoming to someone scared to death of the procedures. If you’re a person who’s having difficulty sleeping because you’re snoring, a dentist can help you. Snoring all night long is not the best night of sleep. The mouth and throat become extremely dry because the mouth is open all night. Letting an Oral Surgeon in Short Hills NJ help you is going to bring great relief.

Visit the website of the dentist who is highly recommended by other dental patients in Short Hills and surrounding areas. For people who are suffering from sleep apnea, there are various types of treatments offered. One is an oral dental device that’s similar to a custom mouth guard that causes no pain and is made especially for those who snore. There is a surgery that can be performed in the dentist’s office since the patient can be awake through it. It’s called Somnoplasty and is beneficial to the patient because it can be completed in under an hour and recovery is less than one day. No prescriptions are needed for pain other than over-the-counter medications. There are also other treatments available that the Oral Surgeon in Short Hills NJ will explain during the patient’s consultation.

Many patients have teeth missing because of sports or automobile accidents. When someone gets hit in the mouth, either playing football, hockey, soccer, skating, basketball or lifting weights, they can lose front top or bottom teeth. An oral surgeon will implant a titanium screw into the jawbone of the patient and then let it heal for a few weeks. When fully healed, the oral surgeon will put a crown on top of the titanium screw and this tooth will look exactly like the tooth that was lost. It’s very strong and the patient will be able to eat normally.

Going to the dentist doesn’t hurt anymore. New technology, new anesthetics, new methods and new procedures enable the dentist to work quickly and efficiently. Don’t put off getting your teeth fixed. Visit website  for more details.

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