Methods Of Hemorrhoid Pain Treatment

There are different methods that people can use for Hemorrhoid Pain Treatment. A good way to deal with pain is to simply soak in the bathtub for 15 minutes. Many people who suffer from hemorrhoids find the warm water to be quite soothing. For people who prefer them, sitz baths can be purchased and placed over toilets. People can soak their hemorrhoids a few times a day in order to help with swelling, pain, and irritation. Sitz baths make it much easier to soak hemorrhoids multiple times per day since the baths are easier to fill with water.

People can use a combination of methods for Hemorrhoid Treatment in Hattiesburg MS. A good number of individuals with hemorrhoids find that combining methods provides better relief for them. Ice packs can be used to reduce periodic swelling. People can buy packs, or they can create their own with bags. When an ice pack is used, it should be wrapped in something so that it doesn’t have direct contact with a person’s skin. It’s possible to get frostbite from an ice pack, so caution must be used when dealing with ice. For the best results, ice packs can be used for up to 20 minutes per session. As with soaking in warm water, ice can be used multiple times throughout the day.

Ice and warm water aren’t the only options available for hemorrhoid suffers. There are over-the-counter creams that can be used to provide relief to people. Cortisone cream can be applied to hemorrhoids, but the cream shouldn’t be used for extended periods of time unless a doctor has said that it’s fine to do so. Excessive use of cortisone can actually cause the skin to thin. Witch hazel is also used to provide relief from hemorrhoids. If people want to avoid irritation, they can use wet wipes instead of dry toilet paper. Over-the-counter pain relievers can also be used for temporary relief. It’s also a good idea to avoid prolonged sitting when hemorrhoids are flaring up.

People who are suffering from hemorrhoids can contact Hattiesburg GI Associates or similar websites to get help and more information. The Internet is a wonderful tool that individuals can use in their battle against hemorrhoids. By talking with others, people can find out which treatments tend to work the best.

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