Metal Roofing Company in St. Peters MO Offers 45 Year Warranty

A Metal Roofing Company in St. Peters MO that manufactures and installs Class 4 Energy Star Metal Roofing offers a 45 year warranty on residential and commercial roofs. Metal roofs are cost effective and energy efficient. They are fire and wind resistant, environmentally friendly and beautiful. Factory direct pricing saves you money and roofs can be made to fit any size building and any size budget. You can have a metal roof installed over existing composite shingles, saving you even more money. You do not have to pay to have the old roof removed and the shingles do not end up in the local landfill. A Radiant Barrier insulation package can be added to installation and help reduce the temperature in your home under the MO sun. Visit the site for full details.

A composite roof can also be installed for a cost effective alternative to expensive slate or shake shingles. Composite roofs are fire resistant and easily repaired. Insulation can be added during installation of this roof as well to increase energy efficiency. This is the most common type of roof for American homes, commercial buildings and schools because it is a low maintenance roofing material. Before replacing your roof, get it inspected to see if total replacement is necessary. If your roof does need to be replaced, seek out a free estimate before hiring a company to install one.

The Metal Roofing Company in St. Peters, MO does not stop at roof replacement. You can also get patio covers, replacement windows and vinyl siding for your exterior. Look at the age of your home or business location and determine what you are spending in energy costs each year. The total may be more than you realize. If a building is even 15 years old, it can benefit greatly from newer energy efficient windows and siding. The savings in costs over the next few years with energy efficient updates may be worth the cost of the renovations. The whole project can pay for itself in a short amount of time. You may be eligible for tax incentives and/or financing for such improvements.

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