How Botox Injections Reduce the Formation of Scars

Beyond one of the common uses of Botox, the treatment of wrinkles, there is a somewhat unknown purpose and application for getting injections of Botox. North Scottsdale residents have options in the prevention of the development of scars, as it turns out, thanks to this remarkable product.

How Botox Works
Many of us are familiar with Botox, and its use in treating wrinkles. The reason this treatment is so effective is because it blocks signals the nerves send to the muscles. When the muscle can no longer contract, the result is a relaxing and softening of wrinkles.

What many don’t know, however, is that Botox injections in North Scottsdale, AZ can also be used for lessening the development and appearance of facial scarring.

Why Do Scars Form?
Why is it that some wounds cause greater amounts of scarring than others? First, it depends upon the location of the injury itself and whether the area around the wound is very active or requires a lot of movement. For example, wounds near the mouth can result in noticeable scarring due to the movement required while speaking and eating.

This is because it’s the pulling of muscles local to the wound that causes the formation of wide scars. The more movement, the more pulling involved, and the greater the area that is filled with scar tissue. This is a large part of the reason some scars appear wider than others even if the method of suturing the wound is the same.

How Botox Reduces Scarring
In order to lessen the severity of scarring, Botox should be injected during the acute healing phase, most notably within the first two to four months after the trauma has occurred. This temporarily weakens the muscles surrounding the wound, thereby lessening the pull on the wound. This allows for a smooth surface on which healing can occur, and has been proven to be an effective method of treating the formation of scar tissue.

If you’ve recently experienced a facial wound that you’re concerned will cause scarring, it would appear as though Botox injections could greatly help your healing. Injections of Botox could go a long way toward getting you back on the road to feeling more comfortable about your appearance.

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