Memorial Services and Funerals in Corona Ca for Deceased Persons Who Were Not Religious

Not everyone is religious, but not every non-religious person is an atheist. Many individuals identify as spiritual but not religious, and others never quite fully figure out what they believe about the spiritual and metaphysical realms. When someone like this passes away, the family can still create a memorial service with an organization that arranges Funerals in Corona Ca. These ceremonies do not have to be connected with any particular faith, but they do not have to be entirely secular either.

Speakers and Eulogies

The family might ask a member of the clergy or another important figure in their lives to speak at this service. That’s not required, of course. Family and friends might give eulogies; they can do this even if they have an official speaker. If they have someone give a talk at the ceremony, they may want to provide some guidance in regard to their loved one’s particular spiritual beliefs.

Appropriate Music for Memorial Services

Music can be included at these kinds of memorial services and Funerals in Corona Ca. The deceased person might even have had a hymn he or she really liked, but if not, any appropriate songs will do. Some families do not include any songs of reverence at all. Instead, they might choose music that reminds them of their loved one, says something about the way that person lived, or says farewell. I Did It My Way, Free Bird and It’s Your World Now are possibilities.

Cremation Instead of Burial

Families increasingly are choosing cremation for their deceased loved ones instead of burial. Often, this is an effort to reduce the costs of practical afterlife matters. Memorial services are especially suitable with this type of arrangement, since the families often don’t care to have the deceased person on display in a formal setting. They can arrange the cremation and service with an organization such as the Cremation Society.

Some religions prohibit cremation, but for a non-religious individual, this was probably not a concern. Especially if this person had previously expressed a preference for this option instead of burial, families are encouraged to follow their loved one’s wishes.

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