Benefits of Applying Epoxy Floor Coating in Seattle, WA Garages

Garage floors must withstand a good deal of wear and tear, which helps to explain why so many of them are made out of admittedly boring cement. They have to hold up to substantial weight, resist stains from oil and other automotive fluids and remain unmarred by dropped tools and other objects. That shouldn’t mean that homeowners have to settle for unattractive floors just for the sake of practicality, though; instead, they can apply Epoxy Floor Coating in Seattle Wa for extra protection and added visual appeal.

Increased Durability

Laying down an epoxy floor coating can help to protect garage floors from stains, impacts, and surface abrasion. This improved durability can help to extend the longevity of the structure and prevent the need for expensive reflooring.

Cover Minor Imperfections

The concrete used for the majority of home garages is prone to minor imperfections like small cracks. A thick coating of epoxy will not only cover over these minor imperfections, making them virtually invisible but will also help to prevent more cracks and flaws from appearing over time.

Moisture Resistance

Seattle residents know that there’s no changing the weather, so they have to take certain steps toward living with the rainy season instead. Since the epoxy coating is moisture resistant, there’s no need to worry about tracking in mud or water. All that’s required to clean it up is a little bit of soap and water.

Improved Safety

Most Epoxy Floor Coating in Seattle Wa contains slip resistant aggregates that create non-skid surfaces. This can be extremely helpful in a room where spills are likely to be common and plenty of foot traffic will likely create plenty of opportunities for unfortunate accidents.

Improved Appearance

In addition to the many practical benefits of installing epoxy floor coatings, there are also aesthetic benefits. Epoxy coatings come in a wide variety of different colors, so property owners can choose one that will brighten up their garages and keep them looking great. Plus, since epoxy is both chemical and stain resistant once it has cured, automotive fluids are unlikely to mar its appearance even if work is being done to the car inside of the garage.

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