Medications Your Family Dentist Might Prescribe for a Dental Infection

When you get a dental infection, also known as a tooth abscess, you will need medications to deal with the issue. Your doctor or Family Dentist will possibly prescribe these medications, but not necessarily all of them. It’s important to know what to expect from these meds before you take them.

Antibiotics will kill microorganisms that cause the infection in your tooth. People take them for many infections without any issues, but some people do have bad reactions. Taking large doses of antibiotics can cause diarrhea and at times can be severe. Some people also feel nauseous with certain antibiotics. They can cause vomiting which doesn’t help you because you’ll vomit up the medication. Regardless, you need antibiotics to treat the infection.

Anti-nausea Meds
If you take antibiotics and end up feeling sick, your doctor might prescribe a different antibiotic or anti-nausea meds. With this medication you won’t worry about vomiting up your antibiotics. Some anti-nausea meds are also used as de-stressors and relaxers. Chances are high that the meds will make you sleepy so keep that in mind before taking them.

The worst part about a dental infection is the pain. It is often a debilitating pain that effects your daily life. Your doctor might tell you to take over-the-counter NSAIDS to battle the pain. Some doctors might prescribe prescription painkillers. Some prescription painkillers are controlled substances and should only be taken when necessary and by following instructions. People become addicted to painkillers and you don’t want that.

Medicated Mouthwash
Dental infections are a sure sign of gingivitis. Other symptoms include redness and swelling of the gums. Your Family Dentist might prescribe a medicated mouthwash to help kill the bacteria in your mouth that causes gingivitis and helped to cause the infection. The mouthwash tends to leave a metallic taste in your mouth, can stain your teeth, and makes anything you eat after taste funny.

All of these medications will help destroy the infection, but you will also need to have your dentist look over your teeth. You might need a filling or root canal to rid your mouth of the infection for good. Otherwise, it will just come back. Visit Website Domain for more information.


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