Medical Malpractice And The Law

Doctors are obliged to abide by what is commonly called, “the standard of care.” This basically is what can be expected from any competent physician under the same set of circumstances. If a doctor fails to follow the standard of care that has been determined by the state, he or she can be found to be negligent. In a case like this where there is evidence of medical negligence it is advisable to hire a Chicago medical malpractice lawyer.

Medical malpractice cases are complex and time consuming:

Medical malpractice cases normally are long and drawn out. There is a lot of initial research to be done and in-depth investigations to be made. Insurance companies will do everything in their power to defend their position; do not expect them to offer an early settlement. Anyone that is determined to proceed with a medical malpractice case will have to exercise a great deal of patience. As the claimant, you will be faced with finding an experienced Chicago medical malpractice lawyer, look for a lawyer that you feel comfortable with, one that you can talk to in layman’s language. You will be spending many hours with your lawyer so make sure your lawyer, and the staff is people you can deal with.

No guarantees:

Like any legal issue, there is no guarantee that you, as the plaintiff, will be successful. There are a great number of variables in any medical malpractice action and many proofs that must be met. The majority of cases never see the inside of a courtroom; they are settled between the litigants and their lawyers.

Most medical malpractice lawyers will conduct an in-depth interview with the potential client. When the lawyer accepts the case, it is often accepted on contingency which means that you, as the client, will pay an agreed upon percentage of the settlement in legal fees when the case is settled in your favor.

Medical malpractice law suits can be lengthy and complex, as such you need to hire an experienced Chicago medical malpractice lawyer. To discuss the details of your case you are invited to contact the Shea Law Group for a free case evaluation. Follow us on google+.

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