Marquee Hire For Every Occasion

Whether you’re planning a wedding or corporate event, marquee hire can be the perfect solution. Marquees are tent-like structures that can include fabric that goes to the ground or opens part-way. It can include various materials and attachments, and you can house your entire group underneath. It can be used to keep out dust, bugs, rain, fog and other problems that are typically noted with having an outdoor party and can also allow you to invite more guests. Typical occasions can include weddings, graduations and more.


With a wedding under a marquee, you can still experience an outdoor wedding and reception without worrying about the weather or bugs. Your dress won’t be ruined, guests won’t complain, and everything will work out because you’re underneath a tent.

Corporate Events

Most corporate events are held indoors, such as meetings. However, this can be extremely tedious for the employees and whatever you have planned will likely not work as well. Being outdoors and underneath a tent will make people excited about what’s going on.

Holiday Parties

Whether you’re celebrating Good Friday, Australia Day, Christmas, New Years, Easter Monday or Labour Day, you can have an exciting time using marquees. They’ll keep everything safe and ready to use without causing too much hassle. You can also find a hire company that offers other options.


While many youngsters like to go out and do fun things for their birthday, it can be expensive and difficult to get all of the family together. Instead, consider marquees so that you can have a birthday party outside, where all the family and friends can be invited, and other fun activities can be planned.

Baby Showers

If you are hosting a baby shower for someone, you have many venue options. However, sometimes they can be expensive or have strict rules in place that won’t allow you to do what you want. Marquees allow you to use almost any area you want, as long as you have permission, and will give the mom-to-be another happy memory.


Graduations can be a tough time because all of the family wants to be there and may have been flown in. However, the graduate will likely wish to spend time with their friends and be busy with other things. Therefore, hiring a marquee will allow them to have a proper party with the family and friends, but also allow them time to do other things.

Marquee hire for every occasion means that if you can think it up, you can have marquees that fit your needs. Visit Harts today to learn about their various options and everything you’ll need to use this option.

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