Manual Chain Hoists Selection 101

Choosing the right manual chain hoists for your construction needs is crucial for the safety of your personnel and those on the jobsite. These mechanical devices are indispensable in simplifying transport of heavy items. Thus, you must give extra time and careful attention to the selection and installation of the hoists in order to minimize time and money output, maximize efficiency in operation and extend its service productivity.

These are the two basic types of manual hoists and their respective functions:

* Hand Chain Hoists: These are fastened to a beam so that heavy items can be lifted vertically through a worker’s manual operation.

* Lever Hoists: These come in handy when you need to pull, lift, drag, and stretch and position bulky items.

Why Choose Manual Chain Hoists?
With lifting power that can accommodate up to 10,000 pounds, they are suitable for heavy construction work and other industrial settings. While more modern forms of chain hoists, such as electrical ones, can mean less manual work from personnel, the manual type offers better ease of movement and manipulation although requiring greater physical effort.

Other Things to Consider
Along with the manual chain hoists of your choice, you should also take into account the following accessories:

Integral Trolleys: These provide your hoist a better scope, enabling upward and downward movements as necessary. Make sure to choose ones that appropriately suit your application requirements and work settings. Units range from customary, to corrosion-resistant for humid applications, and to ATEX spark-proof ones intended specifically for more volatile environments.

* Crane: This is where you need to mount your hoist on to. For manual hoists, you can either choose a jib crane or a gantry crane. The former is best known for its precision in load spotting while the latter is also preferred by many due to its similarity in function with an overhead bridge crane.

* Lifting Hook Device: Make sure to select one that is complete with a safety latch to avoid accidents.

As a final word of advice, purchase manual chain hoists only from a reliable company that is licensed, insured and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

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