Making The Most Of Window Jewelry Displays

In any shopping center, mall or even in a more traditional city boutique type of shopping area, there will be more than a few jewelry stores. Some will cater to a specific type of jewelry while others will be more general, offering a bit of everything.

Finding ways to make a jewelry store stand out to potential customers walking by is an important part of marketing and sales. Choosing unique, individual and original types of jewelry displays that are versatile and send the right message to your customers is important. These will create an interest in coming into the store and will make your jewelry store stand out from the crowd.

Highlight the Jewelry and Not the Display

The idea is to create a buzz and interest about the jewelry items, not about the display. The jewelry displays have to work to catch the eye, but only by positioning the jewelry in a unique way to add that touch of dazzle, style and bling.

Ideally, choose a jewelry display design and style that gives a sense of dimension and theme. For example, if you are marketing beautiful solitaire diamonds in rings, earrings and necklaces in a window display, choose a minimal display that allows each to be displayed on its own and different heights in the window, emphasizing the beauty of each piece.

Colors that Coordinate

It is also important to choose jewelry displays that both coordinate with the store branding colors but also contrast with the jewelry. A mistake to avoid would be to use a dark green display with a window designed to market emeralds. The green of the display will reduce the impact of the color of the gems, limiting the eye-catching appeal.

A better option would be to choose a beige color or perhaps a white that would enhance the right emerald color and really make the jewelry pop off of the display.

Styles that Match Inventory and Store Design

Many jewelry stores have a definite décor or style. This may carry through into the jewelry offered and it should also carry through to the display sets and individual display options.

This could be modern and linear, traditional and elegant, or even more whimsical and fanciful. For stores that offer a range of jewelry options, different window displays can be used to highlight various jewelry styles, offering the people passing by with a preview of the various collections offered in the store.

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