Antler Chandeliers and Accents to Finish Your Rustic Decor

Are you thinking about a rustic décor for your home or cabin? This is a very popular theme and you can do so many things with “rustic” which simply cannot be done anywhere else. For example, you may not think of adding antler chandeliers to a contemporary dining room in Georgia, but it might be the perfect selection for earthy or rustic design. Here are some helpful tips for decorating with a rustic flare, to help get the creative juices flowing.

A Word about Antlers

Some people believe animals must be killed in order to harvest antlers. However, in the huge majority of cases, this is not necessary. Deer and elk shed their antlers every year and if you know where to look you can find antlers just lying on the ground. Using antlers should not be associated with animal cruelty or inhumane acts. In fact, reputable antler furniture and accessory dealers make sure their antlers have not come from killing.

Antler Versatility

Many different kinds of home furnishings in Georgia can be created with antlers. For example, when you mix antlers with lighting materials you can have extraordinary antler chandeliers perfect for dining areas or entryways. Would you like to own one of the most unique chairs in the world? Consider an elk arm chair which has been handmade and crafted and the arms are actual elk antlers. This is not only unique but a most interesting conversation piece for any home.

Antlers can be turned into comfortable and unique ottomans. Some are made into benches and you can have these benches hand upholstered with your favorite material.

Perhaps you are interested in an antler theme and looking for household items. Although they are not real antlers, you can find some excellent items like pitchers, bowls, and even paper towel holders, with antlers as part of the construction. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many things for the home, made with real or constructed antlers. For example, picture frames, serving spoons, bottle openers and gravy boats can be “antlered”. The possibilities are virtually unlimited.

Where to Use Antlers

You can use antlers in any type of rustic décor and items like antler chandeliers and chairs are perfect for cabins. However, maybe you have a den or special room in Georgia and you would like to give it a rustic flare. There are so many things you can do with antlers, you might want to turn your imagination loose and see what it comes up with.

If your Georgia home could use some rustic elegance, consider antler chandeliers and accessories from Lakota Cove.

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