Making Smiles Bright: Early Orthodontic Treatment

Pediatric orthodontics is a fast growing treatment object for children with dental issues. Orthodontic treatment used to have to wait until permanent teeth were in place. Beginning treatment earlier may result in the need for less correction later when adult teeth are in place. If you have a young child who may need corrective treatment, it may be time to call an orthodontist in Vancouver, WA.

Orthodontic care goes far beyond simple teeth straightening. It can also help with:

*Spacing and missing teeth

*Speech Issues related to placement of teeth or structure of jaw and mouth

*Reduce thumb sucking and limit negative side effects

*Correct heavy mouth breathing


*Structural Instabilities

*Correct facial structure issues

*Correct overbites, jet bites, and cross bites

Interceptive orthodontics can help prepare the mouth for the eruption of permanent teeth by creating needed space in the mouth, reduce the need for tooth removal, and help prevent the need for braces as a child grows. By managing dental issues early, before they become more severe and impact health and self-esteem reducing the need for more expensive treatments.

Early treatment can start well before the teen years, as early as six years of age. Treatment will start with creating the proper spacing and alignment while they still have their primary or milk teeth. As children lose their baby teeth and adult teeth emerge, the focus moves towards ensuring that the bite is straight, the facial structure is symmetrical, in alignment, and that there are no protrusions or under bites.

It is important to remember that regular dental care during this time is also an important component of dental health. Regular checkups will ensure that children are keeping up on their dental hygiene. Spacers and braces may make it difficult for young children to reach all areas of their mouth and teeth, requiring supervision and assistance from their parents.

Braces can now be personalized with colorful bands that can be changed during each visit, allowing children to change colors to reflect their growing interests. Teens may not appreciate this it is a hit with younger children.

Starting treatment early can save you money in the long run and help reduce the need for more advanced treatment as a child ages. It can also result in teens who are more self-assured with their teeth, jaw structure, and facial appearance. Find an orthodontist in Vancouver, WA today.

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