Maintain, Repair or Replace Your Old Comfort Appliance Using an Experienced Air Conditioning Contractor

When the heat of summer comes around, the most important appliance in your home just might be the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system or central air conditioner. In fact, if you are having problems with your AC or are in need of a new system then an Air Conditioning Contractor may be your new best friend. Consider the case where it is time to replace your old system. It is important to hire an expert who will check your home and determine the best system for your needs. It isn’t always the best idea to just swap out the old unit with a similar model because the one you were using may have been too small for the task. This situation can put a lot of strain on an air conditioner and waste a lot of energy cooling your home.

Another important task for an Air Conditioning Contractor is regular system maintenance. For a central AC, it is recommended that the system be serviced once a year, preferably before the unit is placed under a heavy load. The HVAC is a little different because of the built in a furnace, but the AC should still be serviced before the onset of summer and a separate service visit for the furnace. Typical AC service will include testing the equipment for function, verifying the refrigerant level and cleaning certain parts as necessary. For instance, the technician will need to verify that the evaporator coil is not blocked. This is necessary because gunk on the coil could accumulate moisture and result in freezing. This in turn could rupture the coil and allow the refrigerant to leak out.

Perhaps the most important function that the contractor can provide is to install a digital thermostat. A high-efficiency electronic thermostat can improve your control over the system which will save you money. Precise control over your heating and cooling system will reduce the amount of fuel that it consumes and help the system, last longer. With older, mechanical systems you usually guess at the temperature, but a digital controller takes away the guesswork. To learn more about AC or HVAC service and repair consult the experts at Four Seasons Heating and Cooling Specialists Inc. You can like them on Facebook.

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