Looking for a Master in Design Degree?

Are you looking to refine your artistic design skills? You need a university that is efficient, but meets all your needs. You need to be able to experiment and discover more about speculative, social, and commercial design, but ultimately find your inner voice as a designer.

What Should a Program Offer?

A master in design degree should offer to help you examine the very best designs very closely, helping staff to hone your critical rethinking skills. A program should also should also engage you and help you rethink ideas and contexts in various areas or design.

What Should I Expect from a Program?

A master in design program should be engaged in teaching experimental practices to bring out the uniqueness of your chosen are of study, as well as really challenging your designing skills to bring out the very best in you. You want a university that wants you to find your inner voice as a designer.

What Kind of Studies Should I Engage in?

To bring out your potential, you will want diverse thesis projects and be able to learn even more about experimental design. You will also want to study commercial design, such as advertisements. You want a university that will aid you in increasing your knowledge in various approaches to design, such as critical thinking skills and speculative design to help you create new ideas. Learning about social design will help you improve people’s lives and maybe even their livelihoods. These different ways to approach design provide exciting opportunities no matter what your chosen field.

If you are looking to improve your skills to such a high level, you need to carefully consider your decision. You will want to work with the very best staff as well as using the latest technology. You want a university that is looking for you to succeed and to be the reach the heights of becoming the very best designer you can be.

If you want to seriously consider a university that offers all these qualities for a master in design, contact School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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