Locating Manufacturers and Installers of Photovoltaic Panels in Hawaii

The solar power revolution continues to advance in Hawaii. Last year, up to 12% of all private homes in the state had rooftop solar PV panels installed. This development has taken place at the same time as solar power in Hawaii has achieved grid parity This means that the cost for solar power generation now equals the cost of conventional electrical production. The result is that Hawaiians are taking increasing advantage of the state’s prime tropical location to harvest sunlight for electricity.

With this upsurge in consumer interest in home solar systems, manufacturers and installers of Photovoltaic Panels in Hawaii are struggling to meet demand. The Sonshine Solar Corp and other manufacturing and retailing enterprises in the solar field are stepping up to this challenge. Solar companies in Hawaii have over thirty years experience in the engineering of PV systems. In a time when the collection efficiency and utility solar energy storage solutions are both improving by leaps and bounds, the commercial market for home solar has never been better.

The inherent advantages of PV panels are far too obvious to pass up. Moving parts are not required, just a proper alignment to the sun through the day and the seasons. Homes equipped with their own panels can never suffer power outages from grid failures. This one advantage in and of itself outweighs all other considerations not only in terms of convenience but necessity and safety. That makes solar the superior choice, especially for persons who cannot afford to have the electricity blacked out for any reason.

Photovoltaic Panels in Hawaii have fallen in cost as economies of scale begin to take over. The domestic PV industry of the islands is not only entrenched but growing. On the front lines of these developments are licensed engineers. They not only build panels but the circuit controllers, digital relays, and grid connection equipment. Certified installation contractors oversee every stage of the addition of solar PV panels to the home. Their work includes initial feasibility assessments, cost estimates, licensing and permitting work, and final installation. Their work is guaranteed, and the end result is energy independence for the consumer.

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