Ethical Considerations for SSD Marketing

When running a social security disability law firm, it is important that you approach every marketing task in the utmost ethical manner. With this in mind, it is essential that every firm understands how to market their services ethically. To help firm’s out, we have provided the four key ways to guarantee you are marketing in a way that is truthful and beneficial for potential clients.

1. Optimize Your Firm’s Website

Before you can focus on making your firm’s marketing ethical, you need to ensure your website is properly prepared to inform visitors. A properly optimized website should be structured and designed in a way that allows even the least tech-savvy visitor to browse it with ease. If even they can find the information they need without a hassle, you have a site that is set up to serve those in need well. Once you have this end handled, it is time to move onto ensuring all the content they will be browsing is ethically constructed and presented.

2. Don’t Over Self-Promote

When a client is on your site, they are already likely to consider your firm for disability law services. With this in mind, you want to avoid excessive self-promotion in areas of the site meant to educate readers about social security disability policies and procedures. Especially if you are posting off-site, you want to ensure your content is above all else, targeted to provide the consumer with useful info, more so than to gain you a new client.

3. Be Honest About Your Resources

If you are dishonest about your abilities as a law firm, you will lose clients quickly, and will become overwhelmed. Since you got into social security law to help those in need, you need to ensure you are upfront about the amount of employees you have, the amount of clients you can take on at once, and how often you will be able to talk one-on-one with clients. If you are upfront about all of these aspects of your firm, you will only attract clients that you can successfully help navigate the ins and outs of dealing with the SSA.

4. Only Posts Up-to-Date Information

Finally, you need to ensure all contact info, social security informational posts, and more contain up-to-date information. Especially with informative blog posts, you need to make sure that you are providing solid advice to readers. Otherwise, you could negatively affect their experience with the SSA, and cost them valuable benefits.

Now that you know how to market appropriately, you can easily begin helping as many clients as you can comfortably take on. However, there are many other marketing necessities that are more complicated than the info listed above. For help marketing your social security disability law firm to the fullest, the professionals at Disability Law Marketing can help. Contact us at your convenience to set up a free consultation, where we can discuss how we can boost your law firm’s business through effective and ethical marketing practices.

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