Liven Up Your House With A Fresh Paint Job

A fresh coat of paint can liven up a room or give your house a face lift. Painting can be daunting, but it does not have to be. There are skilled contractors in your area waiting to tackle this job for you and do the hard work in a professional way. Find a house painter in Denver, CO that will provide on-time service, guaranteed work, and do the job in a safe and reliable way.

Imhoff Fine Residential Painting provides many different painting services. With much precision and confidence, they do interior painting, trim painting, cabinet painting, cabinet refinishing, exterior painting, deck refinishing, along with enameling, staining, varnishing, lacquer, wood finishing, and more. They are one of the premier interior house painting companies in the area, with highly trained and experienced painters. Your house project comes with a 9 year material AND labor warranty! The quality of paints, stains, and work itself is guaranteed, as this house painter in Denver, CO has high standards.

Along with selecting the perfect paint color, you want to pay the perfect price. For interior paint, an estimate can be provided depending on the size of the room and the particular features you want painted (for example, walls, ceiling, door and casing, or baseboards). To paint every surface in a small 6 x 6 bathroom, the cost is approximately $400. To paint every surface in a large room, the cost is approximately $930. For exterior paint, there are four specific factors to review including the amount of preparation work, the height of your house, how easy it is to accessible your roof and other ledges, and how many paint colors you want and where each one is used.

There is a house painter in Denver, CO that wants to do a precise and thorough paint job for your family. Their professionalism and customer service is likely to impress you and instill confidence that your money is well spent. Schedule an estimate now!

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