Maintenance Duties in Divorces

by | Jun 8, 2017 | Law

Divorce cases can be complex as assets are divided and the rights of each spouse are outlined by the court of law. During this time of emotional turmoil, it is important for each party to fully understand the final agreement in the divorce, regardless of the location in which the individuals live.

Although some alimony provisions have time limits, not all spousal duties end, even after retirement. These rules are different for each case. However, having Chicago maintenance lawyers review all provisions within a divorce can become critical so a spouse can remain on good terms with the law.

Maintenance Duty

Maintenance duty looks at the responsibilities, generally financial, that one spouse has in taking care of the other spouse. Although some alimony provisions end at certain points, there are provisions that continue to be enforced, even if the supporting spouse has retired. During retirement, the financial income of the supporting spouse is often times less because the individual is living off of Social Security and a 401K, rather than a regular salary. Retaining Chicago maintenance lawyers to modify the maintenance duty that was established prior to this drastic life changing status is important to ensure the supporting spouse’s current situation is accounted for.

Court Orders

Although filing for a modification to the maintenance duty allows the courts to understand the current situation, it does not guarantee they will side with the supporting spouse. In places where the standard of living is higher in the city than in suburbs outside of the city, economic factors such as this come into play in a court’s final decision. However, courts will review the amendments and look at everyone’s financial situation to make a fair decision.

Regardless, retaining Chicago maintenance lawyers to review what was outlined in a divorce and how to adjust those provisions to current situations is important for any spouse who is and has gone through a divorce.

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